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Welcome to Boards and Committees

The Town is served by many appointed and elected boards to complement the municipal offices. The elected officials range from selectmen, to trustees of the public library, or even sewer commissioners. Other positions are appointed by the selectmen or moderator. These boards interact with the daily operations of their departments within the Town and communicate with the residents on various issues. Anyone wishing to run for public office in the Town should contact the Town Clerk for specific deadlines, or contact the Selectmen's office for appointed positions.

If at any time you have questions or need to contact any boards/committees in Town, please contact the Selectmen's Office at 781-326-4172 or email the at any time.  

Remote Participation Policy
On Monday, December 4, 2017, the Board of Selectmen voted to amend the Remote Participation Policy.  A copy of the Policy and the form to be submitted to request use of this policy is below.  Remember a copy of the signed off form must be submitted to the Board of Selectmen and Town Clerks office prior to the meeting.

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