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New Dwelling Guide - Building on an Undeveloped Lot


  1. Present three (3) sets of house plans (one reduced to no larger than 11x17 for the Building Department retain) to the  Westwood Fire Department for review and approval.  Fire Department headquarters is located at 637 High Street and can be reached at (781) 326-3885.
  2. The applicant must prove that there is potable water at the site.  He/she must either obtain a water connection permit from the Dedham/Westwood Water District, which is located at 50 Elm Street, in Dedham, and can be reached at (781) 329-7090.  If a private well will be drilled, a permit from the  Westwood Board of Health must be issued.  The Health Director,  Linda Shea, can be contacted at the Board of Health office at 50 Carby Street, or at (781) 320-1026.
  3. The applicant must obtain a sewer connection permit from the Sewer Department, which is located within the Department of Public Works at 50 Carby Street.  The Department of Public Works can be reached by dialing (781) 326-8661.  If a septic system is being installed instead of a sewer connection, the applicant must obtain a permit from the Westwood Board of Health.
  4. The applicant must obtain a curb cut permit if the site is located on a Town accepted way.  The curb cut permit is granted by the Highway Department clerical staff.  The Highway Department is located within the DPW.
  5. The plans must be approved by the  Conservation Commission, located at 50 Carby Street.  The Conservation Agent is Karon Skinner Catrone, who can be reached at (781) 251-2580.
  6. FOR ADDRESS ASSIGNMENT – A copy of a recorded plan, approved by the  Planning Board, must be submitted to the Town Administrator's office, on the first floor of Town Hall, with the street numbers for abutting properties.
  7. When steps 1-6 have been completed, the applicant is ready to apply for a Building Permit.  Building Permit applications are available at the Building Department at 50 Carby Street, or  here.  The application must be completed in full and submitted to the Building Department with each of the documents listed on the  Residential & Commercial Building Permit Checklists.  The Building Department can be contacted at (781) 320-1091.  The applicant must be the owner of record of the property or their agent.  Applications for Permits may be dropped off at the Building Department during the following times: Monday-Thursday 8:30AM-12:00PM and 1:00PM-4:30PM; Tuesday 5:00-7:00PM; Friday 8:30AM-1:00PM.

The Building Department has thirty (30) days from the receipt of the application to issue a Building Permit or deny the request pursuant to a particular section of the Zoning Bylaw of the Town of Westwood or the State Building Code.  The Building Department reserves the right to recalculate an applicant’s estimated value.