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Building & Demolition Permit Application Checklists

Category : Land & Property  Department / Board / Committee : Building Department  Type :Instructions

By clicking here, you can download a printable copy of a checklist showing what items are required to be submitted with a Building Permit application.  This will allow you to track what documents are needed and have been gathered by you, prior to coming to the Building Department's office to apply for a Permit.  Some  Frequently  Asked  Questions can be quickly answered on the Building Department's "Residential Construction FAQs" or "Commercial Construction FAQs" pages.  For residential projects, the submitted construction plans should contain the following information, at a minimum:


  • Property address, map and lot number, zoning district and overlays (such as wetland)
  • Show well and septic locations (if applicable)
  • Location of lot lines, dimensions of lot, frontage, lot width
  • Location and dimensions of public easements, public utility easements, railroad right-of-ways and established zoning setback requirements
  • Location and dimensions of primary and accessory buildings and structures


  • Floor plan of each floor and any intermediate levels including basements, crawlspaces, terraces, porches, garages, carports and decks
  • Dimensions, location and materials of foundations, footings, columns, beams and piers (including reinforcing)
  • Direction, dimensions, spacing, species and grade of all framing members (floors, roof, wall, partitions)
  • Location of all walls, partitions, windows, stairs and doors
  • Location and description of all electrical equipment and alarm devices
  • Location and type of all heating and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment
  • HVAC schematics (check with Building Inspector)


  • Front, rear and side elevations, including foundation depth and finish grades
  • Location and dimensions of windows and doors (attach window/door schedule)
  • Description of exterior cladding or siding material
  • Show exterior stair locations and dimensions
  • Show chimney and vent locations


  • Sections through exterior walls showing details of construction from footing to the highest point of the building
  • Sections through shafts, landings and stairs – including framing details, tread and riser dimensions
  • Describe location and dimensions of handrails and guardrails
  • Sections through fireplaces and chimneys (show dimensions and clearances)
  • Location and details of any roof trusses, glue-lam or engineered lumber (include connection details and Massachusetts Professionals Stamp on specification sheet)
  • Exterior envelope energy requirements: R –of walls/roof/floor, also percent of windows to walls and U values of windows and doors