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Electricians Notice Regarding the Stretch Energy Code

Category : Land & Property  Department / Board / Committee : Building Department Type : Instructions

On January 1, 2013, the Town of Westwood began enforcing the Massachusetts Stretch Energy Code.  This affects the wiring of new and remodeled residential dwellings and additions.

Special points of emphasis are:

  • Recessed lights in ceilings that penetrate the thermal barrier between conditioned and unconditioned space must be IC rated and caulked or gasketed to the finished surface.  Reference 2009 IECC Section 402.4.5
  • At least 50% of new lights in remodeled homes and 80% in new construction (includes additions) must have high efficiency (CFL or LED) bulbs.  Reference 2009 IECC 404.1
  • Electrical boxes in walls and ceilings between conditioned and unconditioned areas must be of an air tight type, unless the air barrier is between the box and the unconditioned space.  This will normally only happen if the building is being insulated with a spray foam insulation.  Source 2009 IECC 2.4.2.

Although the Electrical Inspector will not necessarily be inspecting your work for IECC compliance, the Building Inspector will.  It is our desire to eliminate the need to remove or replace approved electrical installations that don't meet the Stretch Energy Code requirements.

Thank you,

Kevin Malloy

Jim Naughton

Paul Angus

Town of Westwood Electrical Inspectors