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How to Apply for a Second or Deduct Water Meter for Irrigation Systems


  What is a second meter?

A second meter is a meter that registers the irrigation water that you use that does not enter into the sewer system.

  Where can one obtain a second meter?

A resident can obtain a second meter from any plumbing store.  For example Stiles located in Norwood is very familiar with our program.  The second meter must read in 100  cubic feet and MUST be installed "downstream" of the Dedham-Westwood Water District's meter.

  What are the fee's and permit that are associated with obtaining a second meter?

An application for the second meter program must be submitted to the Westwood Building Department  with a fee of $30.00.  Also a $40.00 Plumbing Permit must be obtained through the Building Department prior to proceeding with the installation.  Only a licensed plumber can pull the plumbing permit.

My second meter is installed,  now what do I do?

If your plumber has installed your second meter, the property owner will have to call the   Sewer Department at (781) 251-2589 to schedule both a plumbing inspection, performed by the town Plumbing Inspector,  and a seal and tag of the meter, done by Sewer Department personnel.  These are two separate inspections that can be coordinated to be completed on the same day.  Once these two inspections have been done, the meter is considered to be active and the read on the meter at the time of the inspections will be the "start read".  If you use the meter before getting the inspection and sealing & tagging as described above, you will not receive and credit on your sewer bill for that consumption.

 Who owns the meter?  What do I do if it breaks?

The water metering device shall be provided by the applicant and remain the property of the owner of the property where it is installed.  If the device is broken, it is up to the owner to have the meter fixed by a plumber and with the necessary Plumbing Permits from the Building Department.  There is no credit given if the meter is not working correctly.

 How does the second meter program work?

After the meter is installed and has been sealed, tagged and inspected, the device is considered to be active.  Please click here to find out more about the second meter program.