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Conservation Land

Name Acres Location
Baker 29.69 Hartford, High, and High Rock Streets
Coach Lane 3.36 Coach Lane
Currier Park 14.86 Downey, Canton Streets and Booth Drive
Draper Avenue 7.00 Draper Avenue and Stanford Drive
Germany Brook 11.79 Winter Street Town line and Sycamore
Hartford Street 6.53 Hartford St., Kingswood Dr., and Hale Res.
Haslam Pond 3.00 Fieldstone Lane, and Farm Lane
Industrial Buffer 13.00 Partridge Drive, and Industrial Area
Lake Shore 7.00 High Street and Lake Shore Drive
Martha Jones 29.97 Edgewood & Sunrise Rds., Martha Jones School
Mulvehill Conserv. Area 49.00 Sandy Valley and Dead Swamp Roads
O'Tool Conserv. Area 12.31 Smith Drive and Providence Pike
Perry Crouse Pond 2.60 High and Westwood Streets
Pheasant Hill conservation 23.23 Burgess Ave and Town line
The Pits 9.11 Buckmaster Pond, Pond Plain School, Westland Ave
Rice Reservation 43.74 Pond, Gay and Thatcher Streets, Senior High School
Rock Meadow Brook 21.90 Along Brook, Conant, Dover Road and High Rock St.
Wentworth Conservation Area 5.17 Wentworth and Curtis Streets, and Hillview Drive