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2020 Open Burn Permits

Welding, Cutting & Other Hotworks

Anyone applying for a Hot Works/Cutting & Welding permit from the local fire department anywhere in the state must show completion of an approved training program.  Please visit the Department of Fire Services Hot Works page for more information.

Contact Information

637 High Street
Westwood, MA 02090

Hours of Operation:



Non-Emergency Phone: 781.320.1060


Fire Department Public Information Officer

Chief John Deckers
Fire Chief

Deputy Rich Cerullo
Deputy Fire Chief

Carolyn Wade
Office Manager

The mission of the Westwood Fire Department is to protect life and property from fire through prevention, education and suppression; to protect life from medical emergencies and traumatic injuries; to protect life, property and the environment from the release of hazardous materials and other man made or natural disasters; and to enforce fire safety laws and regulations. 

Areas of Service to the Community

  • Fire Suppression/ Emergency Operations
  •  ALS Ambulance Services/ EMS 
  •  Hazardous Materials Incident Response
  • Specialized Search and Rescue Services (Vehicle Extrication, High Angle, Ice, Water)
  • Fire Prevention/ Code Enforcement Inspection Services Training
  • Fire Investigation
  • Public Education/ S.A.F.E  (Student Awareness of Fire Education) Grant Program
  • Emergency Planning
  • Administration
  • Municipal Fire Alarm Construction and Maintenance