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Marriage License

All Persons who marry in Massachusetts must have a Marriage License issued in Massachusetts. The age requirement in Massachusetts is 18 years of age and can only be waived with a Court Order. To apply for a Marriage License both parties must appear together to complete the Marriage Intention unless:

  • Either party is in the military and unable to appear and either party is a resident of Massachusetts.
  • Either party is ill and the illness is confirmed in writing by a physician.
  • Either party is incarcerated in a County or State House of Corrections.

The fee for filing Marriage Intentions in Westwood is $25.00.

Pre-Marital Medical Certificates are no longer required effective 1/28/2005

Once the filing is complete there is a 3 day waiting period before the license can be issued. This can only be waived with a Court Order. The Marriage license is valid for 60 days and must be used within that time period or returned to the Town Clerk’s office where it was issued. The Member of the Clergy or Justice of the Peace who performs the ceremony must sign the license and return it to the Town Clerk’s office where it was issued. Once the license has been completed and returned, it will be filed with the State Registry of Vital Records and will be on file in the Town Clerk's office where it was issued. Certified copies of Marriage Certificates are available upon request for a fee of $10.00 per copy.