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Amendments to Traffic Rules and Orders

At its meeting on February 12, 2018, the Board of Selectmen unanimously approved amendments to the Traffic Rules and Orders, specifically to Article Va titled Handicapped Parking.

The amendments made clearly identify all off-street handicapped parking spaces on private property (excluding single-family and two-family residences) be approved by the Planning Board through the regular application process. This allows for the Planning Board to have oversight that a private property is providing the appropriate number of handicapped parking spaces and following all regulations from the Massachusetts Architectural Access Board and Massachusetts Office on Disability.

The Selectmen have the authority and responsibility to designate all on-street handicapped spaces where necessary and all spaces must meet the appropriate requirements (signage, markings, paint, etc.). These existing and future handicapped spaces were compiled into a new Schedule No. 9 and added to the Traffic Rules and Orders. The Board of Selectmen revised and approved the Schedule No. 9 which includes all municipal handicapped parking spots as well as on-street handicapped designated spots in Town. Private property handicapped parking spots are and will continue to be the responsibility of the Planning Board when reviewing and approving private property parking requirements while on-street and municipal parking spots will be the responsibility of the Selectmen.

Redline version of Amendments to Article Va - Handicapped Parking

Clean version of Amendments to Article Va - Handicapped Parking

Schedule No. 9 - Handicapped Parking Spaces 


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