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Donations for Aid to the Elderly

Do you know that the Town has an Aid to the Elderly and Disabled Tax Fund? 

  • The Fund was established by Town Meeting in 1999 to provide real estate tax relief assistance to qualifying, low income Westwood elderly and disabled residents.
  • Over the years, the Fund has assisted many long-time Westwood residents who wish to remain in the Town and homes they love.
  • Since its inception, the Fund has provided assistance to a number of these qualified residents by directly paying a portion of their tax bill.

If you or a fellow resident may be helped by the fund, are available at the Tax Collector’s office at Town Hall, the Senior Center on Nahatan Street, and the Library.  The form is also downloadable here                  

Donations to this fund are appreciated.  If you would like to make an online  donation, please click here

You may also donate by check made payable to  
Town of Westwood - Aid to the Elderly Fund

 Either include your donation with your tax payment or mail to: 
Aid to the Elderly & Disabled Tax Fund
Collector's Office
580 High Street
Westwood, MA  02090

 If you have any questions, about applying or donating to the fund please contact the Collector’s Office at (781) 320-1015.