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Here are the ways that you can keep up to date with the latest information and updates from the Town of Westwood.  

Town Email Subscriptions:  

The Town of Westwood has implemented a communication tool powered by the GovDelivery Communication Cloud called the Westwood Wire.  This is a digital communication platform which will help the Town inform, engage, and motivate its citizens via email, text messaging and social media.  

  • To raise awareness of a program, service and/or topic
  • To increase citizen engagement in the public process
  • To foster citizen action

By using GovDelivery, the Town of Westwood seeks to accomplish the above goals using a subscription based email system to allow for residents to stay informed on local government. 

Sign up today to start receiving updates directly from the Town. 

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The Town's website provides news and meeting and event information in addition to information on every town department, board and committee.  You can also sign up to customize your experience on the website using our MyTown portal

Here are some ways to customize your visits to the website using the MyTownn portal

  • Customize which News you want to view on your portal page
  •  Customize which calendar items categories you want to view on your portal page
  • Select email notifications for all events or news items added to the website
  • You can "favorite pages" on the website and then select to receive email notifications when that page is updated. 



The Town of Westwood uses CodeRed (a product of OnSolve) to stay connected with its residents. They collect publicly available contacts and phone numbers. Clicking on the link below allows you to provide additional contact information. We normally send out an email version of any announcement to resident's email addresses, which normally has more detail, since we try to keep any calls sent out to under a minute.

You can also use this form to opt out of receiving calls, or choose any of the groups we are setting up for special notifications.


There are two kinds of notifications. General notices will go to the primary telephone number only, emergency notifications will go to all contact numbers, and an email will be sent with a clickable link to the message.


Download the Mobile App today!  Westwood can now push through notifications of all calls being sent out to your phone.  Download the CodeRed app today on iTunes or Google Play.  This is a great tool to have in case you miss the message or delete it by mistake.  The information provide through the app will be there until the Town removes it.


Need help?  Check out this step-by-step guide to register with the Town's Emergency Notification system


The departments listed below use social media platforms to improve communication with residents, businesses and residents.  These platforms may include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube, Vimeo, or Blogs. 


 Town of Westwood                       
  Westwood Public Schools     
   Westwood Police  
   Westwood Fire   
   Youth & Family Services    

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